Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trucks Routed

Hello everyone!

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

I talked with Walton Feed yesterday and they have figured out which orders will be on which trucks. I will list here what I was told, but please know the dates on these can change because of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. But this is what they would like to do. If anything changes, you will be notified right away. Exact times and dates of your delivery will be given as soon as we have it from the driver. Usually we have that information 7-10 days in advance. We do have a new driver, Kelly, (to replace David who passed away) but I think he will be able to give us the schedule that far in advance like David used to. I've worked with Kelly before and he was wonderful to work with too.

Truck #1
High Point, NC
Gastonia, NC
Cashiers, NC

Truck #1 will leave Idaho on Monday, Dec 10th, and deliver to us starting on Saturday, Dec 15th. This truck has orders on it from another group, and he will be delivering to them first, and then our orders will be delivered after that, most likely on the 15th.

Truck #2
Powder Springs GA
Atlanta, GA
Augusta, GA
High Springs, FL
West Palm Beach, FL

Truck #2 will most likely leave Idaho on Monday, Dec 31st, and start delivering on Jan 3rd. It will take a few days to get all of these orders delivered. The exact schedule will be coming as we get closer.

Truck #3
All of the rest of the orders will be on Truck 3 (except Bentonville, AR) and this truck is tentatively scheduled to leave Idaho on Monday, Jan 14th and will begin delivering on the 17th. It will take through the weekend to finish the deliveries. I will send out the list of exactly who is on this truck when I have everything confirmed with Walton Feed.

This is the tentative schedule for our trucks. More info will shortly come, but I wanted to get this schedule out to you right away. Please email me if you have any questions. I do not answer my phone much during the day because I homeschool my children. Emails are quicker and easier for me and I can do them early in the morning and late at night, or when we have short breaks. Have a wonderful week! Melissa : )