Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Walton Feed Delivery Update

Quick Update:

Truck deliveries will start to ship this Saturday. We will get our truck deliveries from the 16th - 19th. Several orders are being shipped LTL or UPS this week and next. ALL group leaders and those who turned in orders to me directly will receive an email from me TODAY (half have already been sent out!) with information about their particular order! PLEASE text me if you do not receive one!! There has been an issue with a few people saying they have not received my emails! I'm so sorry about that! You can always text me (803.818.1569) and I will see that! I might not see a Facebook message if we are not Facebook friends, and apparently emails are not always reliable. Thanks everyone for your patience on this order! We were waiting for enough orders to fill the truck (first time we have never filled a truck ourselves!) and then we were waiting for hard white wheat to be harvested. All is well now and they are ready to ship our orders! This is a good reminder of why we need to be prepared! There are many issues involved with our food production and being able to access it! We never know when our systems will be interrupted and cause us to have trouble receiving food. We live in a blessed country where we have instant access to almost everything we want. But that might not always be the case. May you have many blessings as you work on your own family and personal preparedness! : )