Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Deadline Approaching for Walton Feed Group Order!

Hello Everyone! 
Deadline Almost Here!
Just a reminder about the Walton Feed Group Order. The deadline is rapidly approaching. (Turn in orders to your group leader by October 15th, and group leaders turn them in to me by October 20th.) If you do not have a group leader or know who yours is, you are welcome to turn your order in to me if needed and I will add it to the appropriate group. Please be patient because it takes me a while to sift through all of the hundreds of emails. When I open your order and download it, I will send you a confirmation that I have it.
If you have a group leader - Most people turn their payments in to their group leader. Please follow the instructions you are given by your group leader concerning who to write the check to and when it needs to be turned in.
If you are sending payment to me - If you are sending orders and payments to me, please get your payments to me as soon as you can once you turn in the order....within a week or so. Mailing the check is just fine. Checks should be written to me and sent to Melissa Coombs 2009 Whiskery Ct. York, SC 29745. If you need to send a payment a little later for some reason, please contact me and I will gladly make a note.
If you want to pay by credit card - Credit card payments are accepted on orders over $200, but they are not preferred because I do not like to have access to credit card information. But if you are ok with that and would like to pay by credit card, please let me (or your group leader) know and I will call you for your payment info when I am ready to process those. I will safeguard the information and turn it in to Walton Feed and they will charge your card.
PayPal payments - I gladly accept PayPal payments, but you will need to have the funds come from your checking account or PayPal balance so I am not charged a fee. (You have the option to choose where the funds come from while making a payment.) If funds are generated from your debit or credit card, there is a 2.9% fee that you will need to pay. It will give you the option to pay the fee when you are making the payment so that I am not charged the fee. My PayPal email address is macoombs5@comporium.net. Be sure to make a note of your name and address so I can properly credit your payment.
Top 10
Several people have asked me for my list of Top 10 Favorite Products from Walton Feed, so here is the link again.
Gluten Free
Here is the list of Gluten Free products if you need it.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am so happy to help you however I can! 
Email me if you need the price list!
Melissa : )

PS - Please do not respond to this email that is automatically sent to those who follow this blog. Please send emails to macoombs5@comporium.net