Friday, January 30, 2015

Final Truck Schedule

We have the final truck schedule! The times of delivery have not been put here on the blog post for the public to see. Please contact your group leader for the time and location of your delivery. 

Do not reply to the email that is generated from this blog. Please send any emails to Thanks! Melissa : )

Thursday, February 5th
St. Louis MO

Saturday, February 7th
Annandale, VA
Fredericksburg, VA
Richmond, VA
Newport News, VA
Virginia Beach, VA

Monday, February 9th
Goldsboro, NC
Apex, NC

Monday, January 19, 2015

Delivery Schedule for Truck!


Here is the schedule for the truck! Delivery times have been sent out to group leaders and anyone on my email list. I will not post them here for all the world to see just for protection. 

The remaining orders will be on the next truck. We should have that schedule in a day or so.

Please contact your group leader for the time of your delivery, or email me if you need to. Have a wonderful week! Melissa : )

Friday, January 23rd
Marietta, GA
Atlanta, GA

Saturday, January 24th
Metter, GA
Charleston, SC 
Columbia, SC

Monday, January 26th
Greenville, SC
Gastonia, NC
Matthews, NC
High Point, NC 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Next Truck Schedule

Hello Everyone!

I received information from Walton Feed Tuesday concerning our next truck, and I emailed it out to all group leaders. Kelly, our driver, will be back at Walton Feed today and will look over the paperwork with Gay and give exact times. This is what I have right now, and I wanted to make sure I posted what we have already.

If you are the group leader, please email me the address of your delivery and make sure you list if it is church or something else.

I will be sending out your printable list soon and the unloading and distributing instructions. 

The remaining orders will be on the final truck, which will leave Walton Feed as soon as Kelly gets this truck back to Idaho and gets reloaded! : ) Melissa

The next truck is scheduled to leave here on the 20th.

Marietta, GA - Friday 23rd
Atlanta, GA -  Friday 23rd

Metter, GA - Saturday 24th
Charleston, SC  - Saturday 24th
Columbia, SC - Saturday 24th

Greenville, SC - Monday 26th
Gastonia, NC - Monday 26th
Matthews, NC - Monday 26th

High Point, NC - Tuesday 27th