Thursday, July 3, 2014

Refunds and Next Order Dates

Hello everyone!
Thanks for all of the kindness and patience as we have done this Walton Feed order. The final truck will soon ship and we will wrap up this order. We will start the FALL order in August and call it due sometime late September or early October. These date are tentative right now. I want to do it a little earlier so we can get our trucks delivered before the Holidays and before bad weather hits (for those more north!)
I will start processing any needed refunds this weekend. Please remember that I do this order in my "spare time", and unfortunately there has been a shortage of that in my life lately. : )
I am receiving many emails that say something like, "We were missing the Quinoa." Please make it easy for me to process these refunds by giving me accurate and complete information all in ONE email!. : ) If I receive 5 emails from you with pieces and parts of your refund information, I can promise your refund will be one of the last ones that gets taken care of because it will take lots of time for me to decipher it and make sure it's all accurate. Please be patient and clear in your communication, and I will have these refunds mailed by early next week. Also, I only respond to refund emails that come from GROUP LEADERS. It's too confusing to hear from the group leader and several individuals all reporting the same refunds needed. Group Leaders need to let me know if any items were missing from a delivery.
Please list anything that was missing, anything that you received extra, the amount owed to you, and an address and name for the check to be sent.
Thanks so much! I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer so far!

Melissa : ) 
803-818-1569 (emails and texts are easier for me to respond to than voice messages)

Please make sure you are responding to You cannot respond to this email because it is automatically sent by blogger.

Final Truck Schedule

Hello everyone!
Here is the final truck schedule: (Email me or your group leader for exact times. I will not post them here on the blog.)
Thursday, July 17th
Atlanta, GA
Milledgeville, GA
Friday, July 18th
Greenville, SC (and Asheville)
Gastonia, NC
Charlotte, NC
High Point, NC
Saturday, July 19th
Charleston, SC
If your order is on this truck, please let me know that you have received this notification! (Make sure you are responding to You cannot respond to this email that is sent out from blogspot.)

Thanks! Melissa : )