Saturday, May 31, 2014

Update on Delivery

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick update on the delivery of our Walton Feed orders...

Walton Feed is getting ready to ship our first orders - they are putting 3 of our orders on another truck that they have leaving out on Monday (June 2nd). 

1. Oklahoma City, OK will deliver on Wednesday June 4th.
2. Bonifay, FL will deliver on Friday, June 6th.
3. High Springs, FL (and Clermont, FL) will deliver on Saturday, June 7th.

Please contact your group leader for the exact times. I will not post those here on the blog. We will not have the exact times for the Florida orders until Monday (June 2nd).

This will be called Truck #1 because it contains just our orders! Walton Feed said that this will be the "Virginia Truck". And then we will have one more truck after that. We will have more information on Monday about which orders are on which truck, but I wanted to give a quick heads up and let you know that things are starting to ship.

These will also start to ship this week, and you will be emailed specific information concerning your order once it ships. If you cannot receive your order during a specific time frame, please let me know.

Thanks for your patience! More information on delivery schedules will be sent this week as soon as I receive them. Please do not email and ask me if I know the schedule. I promise I will never keep that a secret, and I will email and post about it as soon as I know anything! : ) 

Have a wonderful week! Melissa : ) 803-818-1569