Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Walton Feed Order Update

Hello Everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!
I have an update on the Walton Feed order.
    *All UPS/LTL orders have been shipped and most have already been received.

*The Ft. Meade Order will leave Walton Feed on a truck (not OUR truck! ) on Dec. 8th and be               delivered on December 11th or 12th. She said most likely the 11th...more info to come soon.
  *Right after Christmas, our truck will leave Walton Feed with these orders on it:
      San Antonio, TX
      Niceville, FL
      High Springs, FL
      Bonifay, FL
    *The rest of the orders will shortly follow. I will send more information the second I have it.

Walton Feed was really wanting to get us our trucks before Christmas, but a MASSIVE order was turned in before ours - some organization ordered a huge amount of food to be sent to Africa, apparently for people in an area affected with Ebola. It literally wiped Walton Feed out of some of their products, and they are quickly trying to restock, but that can take weeks with some of their suppliers. But we are in line and on their schedule, and they will get us our orders as soon as they can.

Thanks for your patience. This is the nature of this order and how the food industry is. Sometimes it's hard to be patient when we are used to everything being instantaneously manufactured or shipped by Amazon Prime with a 2 day delivery! (I'm guilty of this for sure!) One time I had a lady furious that she did not get an organic grain that she ordered. She demanded that Walton Feed immediately ship it to her house! I tried my best to explain that the FARMER who grew the grain had no more to supply until the next harvest (which was a few weeks away), and she could not wrap her head around that. Let this be a good example to all of us of why it is so important to get our families and our homes prepared! The day may come when there are no crops to be harvested, or that trucks can't get to us. I don't usually get on this soap box, but I felt it's important to remember the reality of emergency situations, natural disasters, and other unpleasantries which can instantly change things as we know it! It's something to think about!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Melissa : )