Monday, July 16, 2012

Overage Items - Need to Sell!

Hello Everyone!

Please let me know if you are interested in these items.  Email me at Thanks! Melissa : )

Pump N Seals and Tabs
I am no longer going to be selling Pump n Seals and Tabs. They have raised the price outrageously, and I cannot any longer afford to buy the several cases at once they require. I also think the price is too high to continue having people want to buy them.

I have 24 Pump n Seals left, if anyone is interested. They are $28.00 each. I also have many packs of 100+ Extra Tabs for $6.00. I will ship for free.

I know these will go fast, so they are first come, first served.

Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Mills
I also have 9 Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Mills that I need to sell. When they were hard to get and constantly back ordered, I bought several. The lowest retail price is $219.95, but I am selling them for $199.95 with free shipping.

Sprout Master Sprouter
I have one Sprout Master Seed Sprouter - Single Kit (1 Tray, 2 lids) for $14.50. Original price is $15.60, but a tip edge of one of the lids broke off when it was dropped. It is a very small break on the very edge. Shipping is free.

Apple Peeler
I have 5 Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicers with a clamp on base. Works great on potatoes too! I will not be putting these on the list any longer. Closing out for $16.99 each with $3.00 shipping. $19.99 total.

Victorio Strainer
I have 2 Victorio Strainers on sale for $55.00. Free shipping. This is wonderful for applesauce, tomato sauce, grape juice, straining berries for jams, etc. Comes with the stainless steel apple/tomato screen and standard spiral. Victorio Strainer Picture