Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gluten Free Products from Walton Feed and Thrive!

Walton Feed is now offering a line of Gluten Free products. Most of these items are in mylar bags. The small seasonings are in little packets. To see information about these products, go to and put the item number in the search bar. The item will come up and you can read about it. These prices already include shipping! If you would like to order any of these, click on the the BLUE tab at the bottom of the Walton Feed Price List spreadsheet that says EXTRA ITEMS and enter the Item Number, Product Name, Quantity and Price. It will tally everything for you. If you need help, please email me. Melissa : )
Product IDProduct Name                                                         Price
GF001GF Best sandwich bread$6.70
GF002GF Cinnamon Swirl bread $8.00
GF003GF "I can't believe its milk and wheat free" bread$6.00
GF004GF Hamburger buns$6.60
GF005GF "I can't believe these aren't wheat" rolls$7.00
GF006GF "I can't believe its not wheat" bread$6.00
GF007GF Scones 5 different ways$8.70
GF008GF Tuscany tomato basil bread$7.00
GF009GF Wonderful white bread$6.20
GF010GF Applesauce streusel muffin/ bread$7.10
GF011GF Banana muffins/ bread$7.30
GF012GF Blueberry muffins w/crumble topping$9.70
GF013GF Buttermilk pncake& waffle mix$7.20
GF014GF Cinnamon swirl buns$7.20
GF015GF Cinnamon raisin swirl buns$8.00
GF016GF Cranberry orange muffins$7.00
GF017GF Honey harvest pancake & waffle mix$8.50
GF018GF Pumpkin Harvest muffin/bread with chocolate chips$7.80
GF019GF Buttery vanilla pound cake$8.50
GF020GF Carrot cake w/white chocolate cream cheese frosting$9.70
GF021GF Chocolate chip cookies$6.00
GF022GF Chocolate sandiwich cookies$6.10
GF023GF Chocolate snickerdoodles$6.00
GF024GF Grandma's cinnamon snickerdoodles$6.00
GF025GF Creamy chocolate cupcakes$8.00
GF026GF Decadent devils's chocolate food cake$7.40
GF027GF Luscious lemon squares$6.60
GF028GF Mom's best brownies$6.00
GF029GF Oatmeal white chocolate chip crazy cookies$8.50
GF030GF Graham crackers/cheesecake crust$8.00
GF031GF White chocolate chip macadamia cookies $8.50
GF032GF Chocolate cup o' cakes$2.70
GF033GF Chocolate raspberry cup o'cakes$3.00
GF034GF Vanilla cup o'cakes$2.70
GF035GF Pineapple upside down cake$7.10
GF036GF Beef stew seasoning packet$2.40
GF037GF Beef bouillon$6.00
GF038GF Chicken bouillon$6.00
GF039GF Vegetable bouillon$9.50
GF040GF Mild chili seasoning$1.80
GF041GF Fiesta chili lime dip$2.00
GF042GF  Onions soup mix$2.40
GF043GF Mom's creamy ranch dressing mix$3.60
GF044GF Santa Fe fajita seasoning$1.80
GF045GF Taco seasoning $1.80
GF046GF Cream of celery soup$3.30
GF047GF Cream of chicken soup$3.30
GF048GF Cream of mushroom soup$3.30
GF049GF Cream of onion soup$3.30
GF050GF Chicken noodle soup$6.00
GF051GF Beef stroganoff$8.40
GF052GF Mom's flour tortillas$6.00
GF053GF Linguine$4.50
GF054GF Spaghetti$4.50
GF055GF Rotelle$4.50
GF056GF Blue ribbon pie crust$6.00
GF057GF Classic deep dish pizza dough$6.60
GF058GF Italian thin crust pizza dough$6.60
GF059GF Mom's best harvest blend$9.20
GF060GF Mom's best artisan flour$9.20
GF061GF Mom's best flour blend $9.20

Thrive Life also offers almost 96 Certified Gluten Free Products. You can order these online and have them shipped directly to your home! Thrive Life Gluten Free Products