Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Preparing for Spring Order


Just wanted to let you know that I am preparing for the Spring Food Storage Order from Walton Feed! They will be putting out their new price list by February 1st, and I will need a day or two to update my price list and will send it out as soon as I can. So be looking for that the first week or so of February. I will probably call it due sometime late March, and we will most likely start getting deliveries in May and continue through June or July until all trucks are delivered. (Of course it just depends on a zillion factors, but that's the general timeline.) So start spreading the word and saving your pennies! 

Delivery Locations
People always ask me where we will be having deliveries....well, that depends on which groups order enough to qualify for a delivery! Your group needs to have a minimum of 2000 pounds to be considered for delivery. That's really easy to get if you spread the word enough. Just think of it like this...2000 pounds is 42 buckets of wheat (or 40 50-pound bags). That's not a lot in reality! You can do it! : )

Group Leaders
If you are interested in being a group leader, please email me. Anyone from anywhere can be a group leader, and it's fairly easy to do. Group Leaders will have the chance to get a little "bonus" and order some free food storage. Please email me for the details if you are interested. (macoombs5@comporium.net)

Have a wonderful week, and THINK PREPAREDNESS! : ) Melissa

PS - If you receive this by automated email from blogger, please do not respond to it, because I will not receive it. Email me at macoombs5@comporium.net. Thanks!